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To submit an advert to the printed Isle of Wight County Press please complete the form below. You will need to provide information for your advert and contact details.

This form is for submitting motors, property, specialist services, situations vacant/wanted and entertainment adverts.

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Special Motors Offer
Advertise your car in a box advert with a photograph for two weeks for only £15. Your advert will appear in the paper and in our motors section online. Call 01983 526741 for more details.
(Offer applies to single column box adverts with a depth of 5cm)

Pricing information
Lineage adverts now cost just £6.15 for up to 15 words. With each 5 words there after costing just £1.85. Prices include VAT.

Box adverts now cost as little as £20.70 (depending on size and classification). Prices include VAT.

Please review our list of accepted abbreviations for advertising.

The deadlines for submitting adverts to the Isle of Wight County Press for inclusion in the paper on Friday are:

Property - Tuesday, 11am.

Entertainment/Education - Tuesday, 3pm.

All other adverts - Wednesday, 11am.

You may still be able to place your advertisement up to one hour later by calling 01983 526741.

Advert submission deadlines are subject to change over public and bank holiday periods.

For all other classifications, sizes, styles, use of colour and pictures, please ring our advertising department on 01983 526741, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm or email [email protected].

Family Announcements
Place your family announcement for the County Press newspaper online here. The deadline is Wednesday at 11am.
Alternatively you can email your notice to [email protected] and we will call you to collect payment. Submission deadlines are subject to change over public and bank holiday periods.