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Please note: we require two business days to process a celebratory photo message.

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Celebratory photo messages
Place your celebratory photo message for the Family Announcements section on the homepage of iwcp.co.uk

Click here to view the classifications available for celebratory photo messages.

Pricing Information
£9.50 for one day online (00:01-23:59), with each additional day costing £9.50 (maximum of three days in total)

Pay an additional £5.50 for it to appear in the paper for one week (in the closest relevant edition)

(Prices include VAT)

Processing times and deadlines
We require two business days to process a celebratory photo message.

eg If a message was placed on a Friday the first available day for it to appear online would be the following Tuesday.

If you would also like your message to appear in the paper the deadline for the Friday's paper is Wednesday at 11am. (This deadline will be subject to change over public holiday periods).

Photo specifications
Submitted pictures must be isolated to the person/persons named within the advert.

All pictures will be used in portrait format, please ensure if your photo is landscape it can be cropped to fit a portrait shape.

Photos can be colour or black and white.

Pictures must be suitable for a family audience.

We reserve the right to refuse photos if we deem them inappropriate or the quality is not sufficient.

Pictures must be sent in jpg or png format.

File size must not exceed 2 MB

Please note that multiple adverts can appear in both of the family announcements message areas on thehomepage, in any one day.

For any additional information or enquiries please contact our advertising department on 01983 526741 or email [email protected]